Make a splash in your home with Select Traverse Rods

Select Traverse Rods feature heavy-duty tracks that are constructed with wheeled carriers and metal masters with the capacity to handle today’s drapery treatments made with blackout linings and interlinings.

Select Wood Traverse Rods offer the beauty of a decorative wood pole with the functionality of a traverse rod. Available with 1 3/8″ and 2 1/4″ diameter wood fascia or with the option of 1 3/4″ Flat Fascia.

Select Metal includes three traverse rod collections. The Brass Half Round and Metro Flat Fascia traverse rods are offered in eight finishes. The Cortina Collection includes three contemporary-styled track designs.

Find a Select Traverse Rod that works for you!


Select Wood Premium Traverse Rods

Select Wood Premium Traverse Rods are available with 1 3/8” and 2 ¼” diameter fascia in both smooth and reeded styles.

Select Metal Premium Traverse Rods

Select Metal Premium Brass Traverse Rods are offered with 1 3/16” Half Round Fascia and the Metro Flat Fascia in eight finishes with a large variety of finial options.

Select Metal Traverse Rod

Select Supreme Traverse Rods

The Supreme track is used with the 2 1/4” wood fascia and features the patented SureLock® Decorative Ring System. SureLock® Traverse Rings simply snap into the 4-wheeled carriers for an easy installation. The SureLock® Rings and 4-wheeled carriers ensure the rings maintain a consistent appearance and allow a smooth operation.

Select Wood Curved & Bent Traverse Rods

Select Wood offers traverse rods for bay, corner, or curved windows that can function as one continuous traverse rod around the bends or curves.

Traverse Bent Rods

Flat Fascia Wood Traverse Rods

Flat Fascia Traverse Rods offer a more contemporary design and are available in six Select Wood Finishes.

Cortina Traverse Rod Collection

The Cortina Collection includes three unique contemporary rod designs; Sintra, Coimbra, and Obidos. All are available in four Cortina finishes.

Comibra Detail

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