Select Metal Brass Traverse Rod Sets

Select Metal Finishes

Select Metal Traverse Rods offer the beauty of a decorative pole with the functionality of a traverse rod.

Available with 1 3/16″ Half Round Fascia and 1 3/8″ Metro Flat Fascia assembled with the Select Premium track. The Premium 2-wheeled carriers allow a smooth operation for all drapery treatments. All specifications and ordering information can be referenced in the price list.

Select Metal Traverse Rods Feature:

Heavy Duty Tracks – 4 lbs. per foot.

Choice of Select Metal Half Round or Metro Flat Fascia.

Available for Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold® Draperies.

Double Traverse Rods are available with back rod as “track only” or with Select Metal Fascia.

Choice of 25 finial designs (see pages 6 – 21) or French Returns for 1 3/16″ Half Round Fascia.

Choice of 3 finial designs (see page 35) or a Metro Return Adaptor for 1 3/8″ Metro Flat Fascia.

Continuous Curve Half Round Traverse Rods available.

Decorative Round and Square Brackets are available for a surcharge.

Select Metal Finial Adaptor

Select Metal Finial attaches to adaptor for Half Round Fascia.

Select Metal Finial Adaptor - Side View
French Return for Half Round Traverse Rods

French Returns for Half Round Traverse Rods

130-4164 (1 3/16″) Return: 4″

French Returns are available for 1 3/16″ Select Metal Half Round Traverse Rods.

Shown with the Round Decorative Bracket, available for a surcharge.

French Return for Half Round Traverse Rods with Splice Cover
Shown with optional Splice Cover 130-4009
Metro Return Adaptor

Metro Return Adaptor

130-4080 L: 1 1/4″ x H: 1 1/2″

The Metro Return Adaptor allows for a contemporary finished return to the wall.

The Return Adaptor includes the fascia return.

Return length must be specified.

Metro Return Adaptor - All Finishes

130_3916_67 French Return Set RingFrench Return Set Ring


Two adjustable French Return Set Rings are included to accommodate the drapery return. Additional available to order if required.

Available in all finishes